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  • Meysam Azad

    Meysam Azad

    Fulltime Software Engineer | Parttime Blogger | Opensource Enthusiast | Bodybuilder | Pianist | Gamer | Traveler | A Cool Mentor | I live to learn πŸ˜‡

  • Jason Pepper

    Jason Pepper

    Head of SAM Practice at Version 1. I used to be technical, now I spend my time navigating the backwaters of EULAs and vendor contracts..

  • Teodor G.

    Teodor G.

    A man on a journey towards life understanding through sensorial exploration.

  • Madalina Taina

    Madalina Taina

    Front End Developer. UX Designer. Vegan. Searching for inspiration.

  • Kimberley Cojocaru

    Kimberley Cojocaru

  • Alex Cojocaru

    Alex Cojocaru

  • Alexandru Cojocaru

    Alexandru Cojocaru

  • Mangiurea Steluta

    Mangiurea Steluta

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